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Give the gift of fluffy joy with a Sunset Valley Chicks Gift Voucher! Perfect for chicken enthusiasts and hobby farmers, our vouchers open the door to happiness and fulfillment that comes with raising chickens.

Imagine the delight when they choose from our hand-bred chickens, including day-old chicks (fertile eggs excluded). Whether it’s the friendly demeanor of Silkies, the charming nature of Sussex, or the striking beauty of Wyandottes, our vouchers allow them to select the perfect addition to their flock.

At Sunset Valley Chicks, we know chickens bring laughter, relaxation, and purpose. Our vouchers can also be used to purchase products from our Fun & Funky Merch Shop, featuring chicken-themed items you can wear and sip. Just select the voucher amount fill in the details and add it to your cart. (Instructions below).

Come see Maria and the team at the markets to learn more about our chickens and the joy they can bring. Bred with care and love, our chickens are beautiful, healthy, and happy.

Gift Vouchers Now Available

Give the gift of fluffy joy today with a Sunset Valley Chicks Gift Voucher and let your loved ones experience the joy of raising happy, healthy chickens.

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