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Sunset Valley Chicks Breeding Pens For 2024/2025



Check out our pens sorted for 2024/2025 here

We are excited to enter our tenth year of breeding most of these breeds and as we begin our new season. We have waited patientliy for our birds to start laying as here at Flowerdale Victoria our seasons to be moving forward every year but we trust our girls and dont force the lay and it seems that August is the month we will be startingour hatching programme for thenb season. Offering limited fertile eggs for our followers and regulars that want to pop some under a broodie or experience incubating yourselves. Our day old chicks from most of our breeds will be available from August so stay tune with our updated blogs and socials.

We are proud of what we have achieved with our breeds and cant wait to share with you another decade of our love for chickens with you all whilst continueing to improve our breeds. As they say Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Bring on Spring and Summer – Brrrrrkkkkk Brrrrrrrrkkkkkkk


Sunset Valley Chicks Breeding Pens For 2024/2025

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