Brahma sisters have found a new home


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It’s hard to fill everyone’s orders when they have a wish list of chickens they want from our breeding pens, but when we can we will try our best.
These two Brahma girls were lucky enough to head off to their new homes recently and have been very much loved and enjoyed by all the family including the two young daughters who are obviously chicken lovers too. 

Looking forward to having updates on the progress of these brahmas has they are only about 5-6 months old and have got a lot of growing still.

Remember if you have a wish list of our chicken breeds be patient we have only started hatching again for 2021/2022 season and once we have them off heat we will let you all know! This coming season we will have lots of beautiful chooks just for you. 

Have you got pictures of yourself or your family with a Sunset Valley Chick Chicken? Send them in to us if you would like to be featured on our website or just want to show us the joy they are bringing you all. 

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