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At Sunset Valley Chicks we make sure upon selling our chickens that they are wormed (where appropriate) checked over for lice and mites and that they are in general good health.

We DO NOT refund because you have simply changed your mind. We do not replace your chicken if it happens to die. We do not take back sick chickens!

When purchasing your chickens it is your responsibility to continue the husbandry care of your chicken. A chicken can become sick overnight and quite quickly die if it is being picked on or missing its other friends that you may have left behind. A chicken will become sick simply because of change of environment.

We suggest that you quarantine your chickens for at least a week, especially if you have a larger flock and we suggest introducing at least two new chickens at any one time so that they have each other in their new environment until they adjust.

When buying young chickens it is your responsibility to have suitable housing or brooders to raise your chickens. Put them on the correct feed by asking your local feed store which one is suitable for the approximate age of the chicken. We use chick starter medicated for our chickens from day olds – 8 weeks old. Gradually introduce pullet grower after that until they begin to lay and then put them on a good layer pellet.

We do take back unwanted chooks if you choose to surrender them BECAUSE you have changed your mind. We DO NOT take back sick chooks in any instance.

A no refund policy is in place because so many factors do come into account when buying a chicken.

Upon purchasing a chicken we will show you how to look for a healthy chook. It is your choice when selecting the chicken that you understand what to look for yourself. Clear eyes, clean nose, clean bum not wormy, no mites! A healthy confident chicken will be alert and will be drinking and eating.

We do not vaccinate our breeding pen flocks but source out commercial layers and other birds such has our Silkies for those that wish to have a vaccinated flock.


When purchasing our fertile eggs WE DO NOT refund because you were not happy with fertility. Hatching chickens is our business to hand raise them for our markets and our followers. It is not a way for us to make an income, more a favour that you can purchase a breed from us at a fertile egg price and not a full price has buying one we have hatched and raised. Again so many factors come into account when it comes to fertility of an egg. Handling, incubator settings and quality, broody hen is not doing her job correctly etc.

We do care though that you are happy and since 2013 we have made many of our followers happy with our birds that we do our best to keep them happy just for you!

We do take back unwanted roosters or hens if you have over hatched and need to move them on. And at times we are happy to even offer you $$ if you want to sell us young hens for us to resell as well! Simply ask us!


Remember theres more good that comes out of having chickens and the good far outweighs the bad of having chooks for pets. When we say our chooks are rescues it is usually because our farms will move them on from 72 weeks because the first year and half the commercial layer will lay straight through pretty much after that they slow down. When a farm offers them to us we usually have to purchase the whole shed. Again we keep the cost very fair for the adoption fee and what we are doing is giving that chook a second chance. No refunds are given at all on RESCUES! Yes we can take back surrendered healthy chooks should you change your mind or your circumstances change.