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Raising your own chicks is so much fun and educational for little children, big children and adults too. It can be a way you can get your favourite breeds at a cheaper price though the down fall is that we do not sex our chicks and enjoy the excitement of the chicks being a girl or boy. The good news is you can surrender your unwanted chicks such as the roosters when the time comes and that is why we keep our prices down for purchasing unsexed chicks from us!

You will need a heat lamp (usually for small amounts even a 40 watt globe will be sufficient) a brooder box (can be make do such as a plastic crate. Feeder and a drinker and sawdust for bedding is what we use.
Theres so much information on the net and ideas for you to make up your own mind but remember you will only need to keep the chicks under lights until they are fully feathered which is usually around the 8 week mark!


We are not a big commercial business so it really depends what is laying and what is hatching at the time of you wanting to raise your own chicks so best to enquire or check out our chicken chatter or social media platforms for updates of what is available.

Sunset Valley Day Old Chicks

Unsexed chicks start from just $18 and theres not too many breeds that are more at Sunset Valley Chicks.

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