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Spring is in the air with our season beginning for 2023/24



Every Saturday we are taking day olds to valley produce so that your clucky duck or broodie hen can raise their own Sunset Valley Chicks!

We will take a selection of chickens from our breeding pens or ducks /geese/ Guinea fowl we have hatched that week.

Yes they can be reused under lights as well!

Yes we can take day olds to other locations upon request but our pick up location is Saturdays

Where: 170 Nothern Hwy Wallan 9-1 Saturdays only.

Please note only selected breeds will be available of what’s available that week and they will require heat!

Please note this is a gamble buying unsexed chicks though fun can be disheartening but you can rest assure we will take back any unwanted poultry free of charge!

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