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Own you’re very own home loved chicks in your very own back yard and enjoy your fresh eggs and pets as much as we do. Contact  Maria 0417 055 922

In 2013 we decided a tree change was on the horizon so we found the perfect farm in Flowerdale Victoria and with the support of my brother (an amazing farmer) we built some pens and the farm named by my daughter was born, Sunset Valley Chicks!

Its been quite a journey with the dream at the time to do markets with our purebred chickens at a reasonable price for the back yard owner. We have changed directions several times but have kept breeding and developing our favourite breeds. Right now we continue to hatch chickens under our broody’s and have a great friend that now incubates for us as well so we can keep up with the supply and demand.

We welcome farm visits on our Open Farm Day Events mainly Spring and Summer which is our busiest time with hatching and raising our chickens just for you. 

Follow us on our facebook and instagram page as well for whats coming available and please join our mailing list here so we can keep you informed of what’s available just for you!

Join our Crazy Chicken world at Sunset Valley Chicks!

Warning You may become addicted!

5 Fun facts about chickens


A chicken can learn to know its own name and the name of other chickens in its flock.


Chickens remember and recognise over 100 different faces Including animals and humans.


Mother Hens will talk to their hatching chicks through the shell allowing them to recognise their mothers voice before even hatching.


Chickens are amongst the most closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


A chickens vocabulary includes at least 30 words.