Our Breeds for 2021/2022



This season our pens are ready and our chooks are starting to lay which means baby chicks are underway.

Heres a list of our sorted pens. 

  • Standard Buff orpington / Bantam Lavender Orpington / Bantam Black Orpington
  • Standard Buff Cochins
  • Standard Light Sussex / speckled sussex / lavender sussex
  • Standard and bantam plymouth rocks
  • Standard and bantam Australorp black. (some standard splash and blues may be avail)
  • Vorwerk
  • Lakenvelder
  • Olive eggers
  • Bantam Show girls (naked neck cross silkies)
  • Silver Lace and Gold Lace Wyandottes standard. Blue Lace Wyandottes standard
  • Brown Splash Wyandottes
  • Japanese Bantam white (black tip) and birchen
  • Lavender aracauna
  • Millie Fleur Pekin
  • Pekin Frizzle
  • Polish Frizzle
  • Light and Partridge Brahma
  • Black mottle belguim d’uccle
  • Frizzle Naked Neck bantams
  • Silver lace wyandotte
  • Rhode Island Reds
  • Silver Dorkings
  • Echequer Leghorns
  • Guinea Fowl
  • Muscovy Ducks

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