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Its always so rewarding when we see our followers send us updates on their new chickens. Over the past few weeks we have been doing our best to do deliveries to those wanting chooks or to add to their exisiting flock.

With lockdowns in Victoria we all know how much love a chicken can give you and its so good for our mental health and sustainability living. Well atleast we can do our bit even if we have a small backyard three or four chickens can give you fresh eggs of course, fertilizer for the garden and our compost of scraps lessen when we are able to give our chickens scraps!

Day Old Chicks delivered to a lucky family.
Silkies found a new loving home

Love some of the pictures. Please keep sending them in. Its so nice to have a little a bit of positive and we know at Sunset Valley Chicks appreciate it and Im sure all of our followers will do so to even if its to see the pictures of your new flocks.

One little girl wrapped to find fresh eggs the very next day

Take care everyone. Remember Chickens make us happy!


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