Brown Pullets Point Of Lay Are Now Available


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The demand is real people are loving having their own chooks as pets in Victoria whilst we have all the restrictions going on. We believe that chickens are not only good for your mental health but a simple great way to lead a more sustainable life. Plus nothing beats fresh eggs for breakfast plus there’s so many versatile ways to use them for baking and other meal ideas!

Place your order now to pick up from our farm in Flowerdale or from our produce store locations such as Valley Produce Wallan or Kinglake Pheasant Creek Produce Store!

They’re 16-18 weeks old…point of lay is usually 16-22 weeks old where they can start laying.

$30 each

Contact Maria 0417055922 if you need delivery.

Delivery is Free if you spend $100 or more! May vary depending on your location but generally we can service upto 60-80 kms surrounding Flowerdale Victoria

16-18 weeks old – HYLINES
(Rhode Island Red Cross Rhode Island White)

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