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Sunset Valley Chicks $50 Gift Voucher

Give the gift of chickens with a Sunset Valley Chicks Gift Voucher! Let your loved ones choose their perfect feathered friend from our hand-bred selection or snap up some Fun & Funky Chicken Merch from our store.

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Give the gift of fluffy joy with a Sunset Valley Chicks Gift Voucher! Our vouchers are the perfect present for chicken enthusiasts and hobby farmers alike. When you purchase a voucher, you’re not just buying a piece of paper; you’re opening the door to a world of happiness and fulfillment that comes with raising chickens.

Imagine the delight on their face when they choose from our beautiful range of hand-bred chickens, including day-old baby chicks (fertile eggs excluded). Whether it’s the friendly demeanor of Silkies, the charming nature of Sussex, or the striking beauty of Wyandottes, our vouchers allow them to select the perfect addition to their flock.

At Sunset Valley Chicks, we understand the joy that chickens bring into our lives. They’re more than just pets; they’re companions that bring laughter, relaxation, and a sense of purpose. Our vouchers can not only be used for purchasing chickens they can also be used to purchase items and gifts from our chicken-themed Fun & Funky Merchandise Shop

To purchase – Select your preferred voucher amount and fill out the name details for To & From and add a special gift message. You can then preview the voucher by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button. Next add it to your cart and head on to the checkout. Once purchased you can download the voucher to print or save to your devices.

To redeem – For purchasing products from the website. Find your perfect chicken-themed gift, add the product to the cart and enter the voucher code in the coupon field at checkout. To redeem your voucher to purchase Chickens come see us at our Markets and check our range and availability. Bring your Voucher either printed or on your device and show the Voucher Number when making a purchase.

So, why not give the gift of fluffy joy? Purchase a Sunset Valley Chicks Gift Voucher today and let your loved ones experience the joy of raising happy, healthy chickens.

Come see Maria and Paul at the Markets to learn more about our chickens and the joy they can bring to your life. Our chickens are bred with care and love, ensuring that they are not only beautiful but also healthy and happy.

Voucher Disclaimer: This gift voucher is valid until the expiration date stated on the voucher (12 months), after which it will no longer be redeemable. It is non-transferable and can only be used for the intended purpose specified on the voucher. This voucher holds no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash. It is for one-time use only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount, any remaining balance will not be refunded or credited. The voucher will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or damaged, so please treat it like cash. The Sunset Valley Chicks vouchers can only be used to purchase products from the website using the coupon code upon checkout or for purchasing poultry (fertile eggs excluded) from Sunset Valley Chicks markets. The sale of chickens is at the discretion of Sunset Valley Chicks availability, and the voucher holder must abide by their terms and conditions of sale. For inquiries or assistance regarding this voucher, please contact Sunset Valley Chicks (Poultry sales) at or (Online Shop) contact


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