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About LAKENVELDER Chooks – An Imported Breed



The lakenvelder chicken breed originated from Germany and the Netherlands around the early 1700s.

In Australia they were imported and introduced to our land about five years ago. With multiple proposed ancestries and points of origin, not much is known about the beginning of this chicken.

The history of the Lakenvelder chicken is distinctly unique, as the exact origin of this chicken breed is up for serious debate even to this day.

Breed Standard and Appearance

The Lakenvelder chicken is distinct in appearance among chicken breeds.

These chickens have solid blackheads, tails, and neck hackles, with the wing primaries and secondaries having a black inner web as well.

Aside from its plumage, the face, wattles, and comb of the Lakenvelder appear to be bright red, with their eyes appearing to be red as well or bright chestnut color. The Lakenvelder sports a dark beak and white earlobes, with blue-grey legs similar to its under-color.

Lakenvelder chicks maintain a more natural gradient color than their adult counterparts, appearing mostly black with some tan plumage. The beak and legs of the Lakenvelder chick remain light until they reach maturity, with their eyes a dark black color.

Personality and Temperament

They can be flighty birds that do not handle being cooped up as well as other egg-layers.

While these chickens are not especially known for being docile, their own personal friendliness with humans and other chickens will likely boil down to their individual personalities.

However, many Lakenvelders are known for being friendly with people and exhibiting pet-like behaviors such as running up to their owners when they’ve come home. While they may need some foraging time in order to release some of their excess energy, it is likely their flightiness will not be too large of a burden on their owners.

Lakenvelder chickens are known to be friendly with one another but may exhibit some dominant behaviors towards other, less dominant breeds of chicken. Curious and energetic and beautiful to look at absolutely a talking point within your flock.

Lakenvelder Chicken Egg Laying

Originally bred as egg layers, many Lakenvelder owners will find their breeding capabilities to be significantly less than that of popular contemporary breeds but laying up to anywhere of160 eggs a year,

When they do lay eggs, they are typically a white or cream-colored variety of a medium weight, being around 50 grams.

Care Tips

The Lakenvelder is known for being hardy and is considered an all-climate chicken. They take well to heat

These chickens love having plenty of space to roam and forage within. Giving your Lakenvelder space to roam is essential to its happiness.

Without any notable health issues to speak of, those looking for a low-maintenance chicken will not be disappointed by the Lakenvelder.

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