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Our breeding season is about to begin


Available from 1st September

Wow it feels like I have just turned off the brooder boxes and spring is just around the corner. Our first lot of eggs are in the incubator last week and testing fertility begins. Our chooks have only started laying and we like to take our time to get chicks hatching in this weather afterall its still winter.

People are enquiring on eggs to hatch and we will be offering eggs in spring to those that ask! and of course day olds too though our focus is to raise them for you to move them on as sexed boys and girls.

Its funny this month our smaller bantams are laying well such as our frizzle pens and some of the other breeds already in the incubator are…

Gold lace Wyandottes, aracaunas, cochins, brahmas (partridge were the first to lay out of the standard pens) Light Sussex, Plymouth rocks to name a few of our long term breeding pens. Very excting season planned.

So in spring if you have a broodie or want to incubate get in contact with us to see whats available.

This past year we have worked hard to get the breeding oens sorted that you have asked for. Chicken Maths at its best and so much fun. Stay tuned some special breeds have been introduced this season.
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