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Young Commercial Layer Chickens Now Available



We have currently 6 week old commercial layers for those wanting a younger bird to raise and not long wait to have them laying eggs for you. Point of lay is generally 16-22 weeks old. These do not need heat as they are fully feathered but we suggest a draught free sleeping quarters for them or keeping them in an enclosed area until they are settled more in your environment. They are young so supervision would be required if you are planning them to join and exisiting flock. They have been vaccinated for mareks and infectious disease at day old.

Cost: $12.50 each Females.

We also have commercial layers at 16-20 weeks available from $30 each

Brown – Gingerhams – lay a brownish eggs and are a very quiet and friendly chicken

Black – Black Australorp cross with New Hamshire

White – White Leghorn crossed with New Hampshire – lays a white/cream egg .

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