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Sorting Out Your Pens? We take unwanted poultry including ducks, roosters, turkeys, old chooks and getting out of chickens.



i get asked what we do with our roosters and often get asked if we take roosters or unwanted poultry.

Yes we do take unwanted poultry, sometimes we do buy pullets and hens to re-sell too. We don’t go doing roosters run as thats not our thing and we are often too busy breeding and running our farm to be running around BUT if you are sorting out your pens you can drop off your poultry to any of our events PLUS remember we are at Wallan Valley Produce every Saturday from 9-1pm

When we get surrendered poultry if its sellable YES we do re-home what is suitable. Such as our rescue brown layers at 18 months still will lay eggs for our customers that love these girls and want to give them a forever home.

Roosters we dont eat them ourselves as we choose not to and where we can we re-home them and often some of our regulars know I give them away if they fall in love with one they see at our farm or markets.

We do not screw our noses up at cultures that eat them and we are the first to say we grew up on self sustained farms BUT these days we still choose to buy chicken from our butchers rather than kill our own.

We have the space and the connections to take on poultry to help those that find it easier to drop their unwanted poultry to us as a service we provide.

Thanks for reading. See you at the next event.

Maria BOK BOK!

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