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Fertile Eggs

Hatch your very own Sunset Valley Chicks by purchasing fertile eggs for your broodie hen or to incubate yourselfSunset Valley Chicks have always offered fertile eggs to their customers and followers though not the main focus of where within our business we choose to make money.

Our regular customers know we are very fair with the cost of our eggs and quite often are happy to do mixed dozens, half dozens to post out and even if you want just 3 or 4 to put under the broodie we are happy to sell per egg.

Our eggs are available once our chickens have given us some test runs leading up to Spring to make sure you get the best fertility nature will bring us.

We offer to take back unwanted roosters or poultry you hatch. If you already have an incubator its is definitely a cheaper way to get those breeds that may be on your wish list.

YES we do post eggs – Australia Express Post. And all care is given to have your eggs packaged well to handle the trip from us to you!

Should They get to you smashed we are happy to replace as long as postage is pre-paid by you.

Eggs are $5 per egg. $4 when you purchase 2 dozen or more. No matter what breed you want choose but of course whats available at the time.

Postage Cost

$25 for one dozen

$40 for 2-3 dozen

anywhere in Australia.

No guarantee on fertility if choosing to buy eggs from us apart from we take your unwanted roosters back free of charge. And we will replace should you receive the package smashed with scrambled eggs.

Yes you can pick up fertile eggs from our farm or at our pop up stalls and markets.

Contact Maria 0417 055 922 for a quick reply. 

Remember fertile eggs available from spring to assure maximum fertility. BUT if you have a broodie hen ask us what we have available in the meantime. 

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