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We take unwanted poultry at Sunset Valley Chicks.

No questions asked as long as the bird is surrendered in a healthy state.

We take unwanted poultry no matter what age or sex.

Roosters, Turkeys, Guinea Fowl, Geese, ducks and old poultry.

Sometimes circumstances don’t allow you to keep your poultry anymore. Maybe you have hatched and let’s face it we can’t sometimes keep roosters at all and need them gone so Sunset Valley Chicks is happy to offer that service.

We are not a rescue group and getting on the band wagon to save

 roosters that would be awesome but very unrealistic but we do our best and take our time rehoming when we can. It is not the part of the chicken business we are focused on but offer this service just for our customers.

We don’t cull the birds to eat ourselves. We don’t look at making heaps of money from your birds unless it’s something that we know we can sell for breeding, keep it ourselves or make a great pet.

Please don’t question what we do with the roosters or old chooks. Remember you have contacted us. We welcome photos, the name of your pet and keeping an eye out on our social media pages you may even recognize your bird with many updates from our customers or our own pictures.

We don’t go looking for unwanted poultry but over the years words got out that we provide that service.

RSPCA approved they even surrender their unwanted chooks to us after inspecting our property where we run Sunset Valley Chicks.

How to drop your poultry off. It’s often easiest to catch your bird at night and pop it in a ventilated pet cage or cardboard box. Drop it off at any of our event locations (Check our events to make sure we will definitely be there or make an appointment to drop them off at the farm. Sometimes pick up can be arranged if it coincides with our delivery runs.

Unwanted Poultry
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