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About Our Silkies



Our Silkies are sold at 16-18 weeks of age.

They lay 3-5 eggs a week and at Sunset Valley Chicks have owned silkies that have lived upto 8 years of age plus!

They are available most months of year after collaborating with a hatchery so we are able to do so just for you! Guaranteed girls we have them all vaccinated and make great pets.

Don’t worry we also have silkies from our own pens also, so are able to provide silkie hatching eggs or unsexed day olds for your broodie hen or to raise yourself. (Yes we can take back unwanted or needed poultry like excess roosters if needed free of charge)

Colours are from mixed pens and are Partridge, Black, White, Grey.

Some bearded girls also come available from time to time. So can’t wait to share those updates with our followers as well.

We are also able to supply silkie roosters and have many that come our way.

Gotta love our silkies, friendly and perfect for small back yards! You will find we have them at most of our markets

$60 each for 16-18 week pullets. Roosters price according to individual rooster/age etc

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