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On the weekend we had a request



Hi everyone. The other day I was asked to open my farm for a couples first anniversary They wanted to visit and help me feed the animals. Having met us at one of our Sunset Valley Chicks markets.

Conversation went along the way that we weren’t doing farm visits until spring or summer but how could we say no to a couples first wish to visit US!!!!!!!!

Upon meeting them both we knew they were big animal lovers living in town. We feed the ducks, geese, goats, horses and sheep and we encouraged the couple to walk to the top of our hill on the farm for a romantic stroll as we continued our work chores on the farm.

I think they really enjoyed themselves as I was suprised to find out they left a little donation which was so very unexpected. I take it as a tip that they enjoyed themselves and a big thank you to our Sunset Valley Chicks follower YOU know who you are that was kind enough to do so. That money of course will go towards feeding our animals and I am glad we opened up for a wonderful couple. Happy Anniversary

We appreciated you guys taking the time to help US feed our animals!

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