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Polish Frizzle



At Sunset Valley Chicks we are proud to be able to offer you Polish Frizzles (Male Polish over frizzle girls) Over the past few years we have a kinda suprise with coloured eggs from some of the chickens hatched now. Super exciting these chickens make a beautiful addition to any flock.

They make great broodies are super friendly and just great for small and big kids.

We offer them as sexed chicks usually selling them from 8 weeks of age but sometimes we also offer them at day olds so always make sure to check in on our site and social media facebook when they start hatching if you want them as day olds as well. And yes we do offer fertile eggs when we have excess.

The polish frizzle egg will hatch usually by rule of thumb 50 50 chicks. 50% frizzle and 50% straight feathered which are super cute too! The coloured egg range from a white, pink shade and green/blue shade. So if you love this idea put it on your wish list to get a Sunset Valley Chicks polish frizzle.

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