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Coming Soon Australorp & Rhode Island Day Old Chicks



If you have always wanted to raise your very own chicks we are offering our followers a chance to purchase day old chicks.


Australorp’s are from our Black Australorp pen where yes there is a splash and blue girl in the mix for some nice kinda suprise if you love this breed. Guaranteed beautiful big birds that lay awesome in spring and summer and are beautiful characters amongst your flock. They are a standard size chook and are known for their dual purpose as a great layer and for meat.

The Rhode Island Reds are big beautiful birds and excellent layer. Same as the Australorp the RIR are what commercial breeds are crossed with.

A mix of the two breeds or your preferred one buying them unsexed means not only an amazing special experience for little and big kids but a cheaper way to buy this breed by buying them at week olds.

We sell them unsexed for $18 each 3 – 7 days old (Minimum three chicks)

Delivery may be able to be arranged though we are happy to organise them to be at any of our markets and produce store pop up shops if it is reasonable to do so.

(free when you spend $100 can be arranged in the coming weeks with restrictions we are happy to do a contactless transaction. )

All you will need is a brooder (plastic crate modified or even a pet crate where you can hand a heat light or for small quantities a 40 watt light globe can do the trick. Saw dust for bedding, a feeder and small waterer (shallow bowl with marbles works too) a old blanket to cover the chicken brooder to keep the warmth in even at night time and your ready to go. Oops I forgot.. you will need chick starter for feed for the first two months and we prefer medicated. Available at your local produce or pet store.

Contact us Maria 0417055922 to arrange or email us at

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