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Our “New Hampshire” project breed



So this year we bought off a breeder this pair of New Hampshire. Apparantely bought into Australia by Avgen imported several years ago. Its all here say but we have them after being told the breeder hadn’t done anything about breeding the pair. So Sunset Valley Chicks is going to try with a couple of eggs already in the incubator with fingers crossed we can grow and add to this pair.

The New hampshire is a chook the commercial farmers use to breed with. 

They possess a deep, broad body, grow feathers very rapidly, are prone to go broody and make good mothers. Feathers are a reddish, brownish buff in color. The color is a medium to light red and often fades in the sunshine. The comb is single and medium to large in size; in the females it often lops over a bit. While mainly raised for meat, they are also modest producers of brown eggs. Some strains lay eggs of a dark brown shell color.  Generally a docile breed.  A hen of this breed will lay about 240 large brown eggs a year.

 A full grown hen typically weighs 6.5 pounds (2.9 kg), while a full-grown rooster weighs approximately 8.5 pounds (3.9 kg). 

No eggs or chickens for 2021 but hopefully 2022 and beyond we can offer our followers this great bird. 


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