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Belgian D’Uccle chickens are an excellent addition to a backyard flock. Their fluffy legs and bearded faces make them look almost cartoonish. They are easy going
A Belgian D’Uccle chicken has a bearded face, whether it’s a hen or a rooster
In addition to their beards, Belgian D’Uccles have fully feathered legs and feet, called boots.
Belgian D’Uccles are a calm, friendly bantam chicken breed and can be very talkative.

It is rare to get a Belgian D’Uccle that is aggressive towards people. Most are calm and can be easily trained to respond well to human interaction in fact they make excellent children’s pets.
You’ll get about 100 eggs per year, assuming she doesn’t go broody.
The eggs are small and cream-colored. You can substitute two d’Uccle eggs for every one egg listed in a recipe.
Belgian D’Uccles have a tendency towards broodiness and actually make good mums.

black mottle belguim d’uccle pullet

A broody D’Uccle chicken tends to make an excellent mother hen. They typically sit on the nest faithfully and have good hatch rates.

At Sunset Valley Chicks we focus on the Black Mottle but also have introduced Millie fleur colour for breeding. We offer fertile eggs and day old chicks when available in Spring and Summer. Focussing on growing the majority out to pullet stage or at least until we can sex them properly which is usually from 3-8 weeks of age, though they will still require heating.

We are going to work on our colour Millie Fleur with this boy and a couple of girls with him.
millie fleur pullet
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