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Our Naked Neck Silkie Show Girls




The Showgirl Silkie is a unique looking chicken that is a Silkie and naked neck cross breed.

They are small, calm, sweet & gentle birds.
They should have the right skin colouring on the skin of the neck as a silkie though we do also breed a similar naked neck frizzle with white skin as well.

Showgirls are rare, wonderful and just fabulous. They have featherless necks and outrageously pom-pom making them look every bit like their name suggests. They come in both bearded and non bearded types and showgirls should have a crest. Like Silkies they are five toed, dark skinned, and have a walnut comb. They come in many of the same colours.

Showgirls have similar egg production to ordinary Silkies, around 80 to 140 eggs per year. Showgirl hens are very broody and exceptional mothers, and they are often used for hatching chickens

Showgirl Silkie are classified Light Breed – Egg Colour being tinted to cream.

They are great backyards, have lovely temperaments like Silkies but lay better than Silkies.

Showgirl chickens are bantam naked necks x Silkie chickens bred for generations to achieve the fluffy, naked neck, bow-tie look.

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